Our work

Some of the projects we've had the pleasure to be part of.


Festival Visuals

Projection mapped structures, Large LED screen configurations and environmental lighting. It's all part of the immersive illumination that we bring festivals and events alike


2016 brought the release of Shapeshifter's latest LP "Stars", and with it Nocturnal created a new visual experience for the band.

The Stalingrad Experience

A fixed installation project for the Omaka Aviation Heritage Museum in Blenheim, New Zealand. The Stalingrad experience is part of the museum's latest hanger and exhibition "Dangerous Skies". Set in the WWII era,  the Stalingrad experience immerses the viewer within a ruined factory building looking out to a heavily damaged Stalingrad cityscape. 

Antarctica - While you were Sleeping

Working under artist Joseph Michael, Nocturnal was key in the creation and delivery of the Antarctica experience. The world premier of Antarctica - while you were sleeping was held over 3 nights in March 2017 on Auckland’s historic War Memorial Museum, and is set to be displayed at multiple locations internationally over the coming years.

Pleasure Dome - the musical

Nocturnal has had the pleasure of being an integral part of the delivery of this powerful musical. Set in 1980's New York this immersive experience is a one of a kind night out. More coming soon...

LUMA - southern light project

LUMA is an award-winning arts and culture festival based in Queenstown. Over 35,000 locals and visitors from all over the world attended LUMA last year, which transformed Queenstown’s famous Gardens and lakefront into a dazzling display of glowing art.