What we Offer

Turning concepts into realities.


Antarctica - while you were sleeping

Experience design

Our passion, this is what we do for ourselves. From festival stages to pathways of light and interactive pixel pushing machines, we dream and create a wide range of experiences for people of all generations.

Starship Foundation "Through the Looking Glass" Charity Ball

Content creation

Nocturnal's studio is our second home where we bring ideas to life. Whether it's pre-visualisation, architectural video mapping or real-time content generation, we offer a range of skill sets for media production.

Microsoft Ignite After Party

sequence and playback

We take a hard drive full of content and turn it into a show. With experience in a wide range of media servers we know what works for each show. We even custom build our own playback machines to meet our requirements.

The Dub Pistols - Splore Festival 2017

performance media

We specialise in the design and creation of visuals for a wide scope of performances. We tour the country (and some of the world too) showing off our stuff at festivals and shows alike. 

Shapeshifter "Stars" Album Launch


Want to try something new? Have an idea that you're not sure is even feasible? Be it new technologies, new mediums, or unbroken ground, we love exploring the unknown and are always up for a challenge.