In 2016 the Omaka Aviation Heritage Museum opened a new hangar and exhibition titled ‘Dangerous Skies’.

'Dangerous Skies' is the latest jewel in the crown of Omaka’s Aviation Heritage Centre, Blenheim, New Zealand. The Centre is already world renowned for its magnificent WWI ‘Knights of the Sky’ exhibition. This new exhibition expands the experience into the WWII era.


The Stalingrad Experience immerses the public in WWII Stalingrad by utilising CGI, laser projectors, surround sound, and practical lighting effects. Viewers find themselves looking out at a heavily damaged Stalingrad cityscape from within a ruined factory building. The idea behind the Dangerous Skies exhibit is to give the audience a unique encounter with reality on the ground in Stalingrad as it was being bombed from above by the Luftwaffe.  The immersive experience is followed by an exert from Neil Halloran's award-winning data-driven documentary about war & peace. This educational work highlights those fallen in WWII, with particular attention to the Eastern Front.


The immersive experience is created using a mixture of surround sound, lighting, and laser projection. Panasonic New Zealand kindly donated two projectors for the installation; one 13,000 lumen unit boasting a huge resolution of 5120 x 3200 and one full hd 6,000 lumen unit. Everything is controlled by a 7th Sense Delta media server for unparalleled fully uncompressed playback giving extreme clarity and image quality.